Our Offering

We offer the full-service spectrum from origination, structuring, issuance to life cycle management of investment products. In addition, we facilitate bespoke white-labelling setups or specialised issuance programmes for our clients.

  • Opus - Chartered Issuances S.A. - Luxembourg​
  • Opus (Public) - Chartered Issuances S.A. - Luxembourg​
  • Encore Issuances S.A. - Luxembourg​
  • White Labelling Issuers​
  • Notes
  • Certificates
  • Bonds
  • Structured Products
  • Asset Participation Certificates
  • Private Market Products


We offer innovative solutions to our partners and clients

Product Types & Categories


Packaging of a Derivative and Funding Component

Equities, Structured Rates, Structured Credits, Indices, Mutual Funds


Static or Dynamic Portfolios of Financial Assets

Ranging from single underlyings to portfolios of liquid and illiquid financial instruments


Turning a Private Market Asset into a Financial Product

Underlyings: Private Equity, Private Debt, Real Estate, Art, Infrastructure, Receivables and other debt Portfolios


All products can be issued as security tokens.
Unlike the conventional clearing system, transactions are executed directly on the blockchain. This enables investors to store their financial products in their own wallet, free from reliance on banks and custodians.

In a nutshell


Opus investment products are highly tailored to the needs of our clients. Our financial engineers analyse and implement the most appropriate setup for each project.

Legal Structure

The Luxembourg Securitisation Law of 2004 allows to segregate assets belonging to different investment products into socalled compartments. In case one compartment is in default, the other compartments will remain unaffected. The advantage of such a structure is that not every time a new setup has to be built from scratch and clients benefit from economies of scale.


To maintain each investment product Opus runs engines for automated product documentation, price calculations, life cycle management and compartment reporting.

Product governance

Distribution of investment products is highly regulated. Opus takes care of product governance subject to local regulation (e.g. Opus has a MiFID 2 governance process in place).

Our Network

OPUS has a large network of partners allowing us to find the most effective investment solution for our planets and clients.