A2HWPT - Compartment 102


Product Name A2HWPT - Compartment 102
Commercial Name / Category Mez Constant Yield Baskt Tracker Delta 1 (illiquid) - Real Estate
Compartment Number 102
Issue Date 04.05.2018
Redemption Date 04.05.2021
Currency EUR
Denomination 1.000
Interest Frequency Jährlich, zum 1. Dezember
Interest 6%
Issuance Price 100,00
Underlying Security MEZ Constant Yield Basket
Minimum Trading Amount 5.000
Principal Amount 20.000.000
Listing Freiverkehr Börse Düsseldorf


This Product is issued by Opus - Chartered Issuances S.A. which is an UNREGULATED Securitization Vehicle.

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