A19XLK & A19XLL - Compartment 106


Product Name A19XLK & A19XLL - Compartment 106
Commercial Name / Category Nikkei Barrier Accelerator Bear Bond Structured Bonds - Equities
Compartment Number 106
Issue Date 20.03.2018
Redemption Date 20.03.2023
Currency JPY
Denomination 10.000.000
Interest Frequency annually 
Interest variable.A cash amount equal to 10% of the value of the Underlying Securities as determined five business days prior the Interest Payment Date.
Issuance Price 100,00
Underlying Security JPY Money Market
Minimum Trading Amount 10.000.000
Principal Amount
Listing Not Listed


Type Date Note Value
Fixing Redemption Amount 23.03.2018
Fixing Interest Amount 13.03.2019 Floating
Interest Payment 20.03.2019 Floating
Fixing Interest Amount 13.03.2020
Interest Payment 20.03.2020 Floating
Fixing Interest Amount 15.03.2021
Interest Payment 20.03.2021 Floating
Fixing Interest Amount 14.03.2022
Interest Payment 20.03.2022 Floating
Fixing Interest Amount 13.03.2023
Fixing Redemption Amount 15.03.2023 Floating
Redemption Payment 20.03.2023 Floating
Interest Payment 20.03.2023 Floating
This Product is issued by Opus - Chartered Issuances S.A. which is an UNREGULATED Securitization Vehicle.

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