Chartered Opus investment products are highly tailored to the needs of our clients. Our financial engineers analyse and implement the most appropriate setup for each project.

Legal Structure

The Luxembourg Securitization Law of 2004 allows to segregate assets belonging to different investment products into so-called compartments. In case one compartment is in default, the other compartments remains unaffected. Advantage of such
a structure is that not every time a new setup has to be built from scratch and client benefit from economies of scale.


To maintain each investment product Chartered Opus runs engines for automated product documentation, price calculations, life cycle management and compartment reporting.

Product Governance

Distribution of investment products is highly regulated. Chartered Opus takes care of product governance subject to local regulation (e.g. Chartered Opus has a MiFID 2 governance process in place).

Our Commitment

  • Tailor-made investment products: we support our clients in designing and launching highly tailored investment products by providing our structuring know-how and multiple ready-to-go issuers
  • One-stop solution: we deliver all securitization services needed and under a transparent fee setup
  • Automation: we unite automation of the issuance process and product life cycle management with a high degree of product governance
  • Network: we provide a network of brokers, hedge counterparties, lawyers, custodians, paying agents, data and valuation services providers to find the most efficient solution for our clients
  • Economies of Scale: leveraging our long-term relationships with service providers, continuous investments in our infrastructure and know-how built over the years ensures cost efficiency of our issuance platform
  • Security: we issue from a regulatory strong, safe and tested jurisdiction - assets on our issuer’s balance sheets are segregated and ring-fenced
  • Innovation: we are not only the first multi issuer platform in Luxembourg, we also launched the first structured product on the blockchain worldwide
  • Transaction experience: executing more then 300 securitization means our team has covered almost any product structure and asset risk