Segregation of Assets and Risks:

The Luxembourg Securitization Law of 2004 allows for the creation of "ring-fenced" separate compartments:

  • Assets held in a compartment are distinctly separated from assets held in other compartments and can solely be used to satisfy claims from those investors in such compartment (i.e. no insolvency contamination between different compartments)
  • Issuers are strictly separated from the operational and business risks of Chartered Investment as operator by the separation of companies and ownership structure


Our MiFID 2 governance process establishes Chartered Investment Germany GmbH as arranger of the investment products taking regulatory burden away from our clients.

Regulatory Status

Chartered Opus is serviced by Chartered Investment Germany GmbH, a BaFin regulated financial service company oversighted by the German Bundebank. Opus (Public) Chartered Issuances S.A. is regulated by Luxembourg financial regulator CSSF.


All Chartered Opus issuers and the platform agents are audited and regulated companies ensuring transparency of the business activities.