• Asset participation bonds provide access to financial instruments (single, basket or index format) and may transform the nature of the financial instruments (e.g. restructuring of cash flows)

  • Baskets and indices can be formed being static, rule-based or have a discretionary component

  • The performance of asset participation products is closely linked to the underlying price movements

Underlying Universe:

  • Alternative investment funds (hedge funds) and mutual funds
  • Baskets of any type of listed or unlisted instrument (provided the instrument is already securitized)
  • Trading strategies and indices

Why Chartered Opus:

  • Ability to create a stand-alone product or scalable dedicated issuance programme for repeat asset participation transactions
  • Securitization of trading strategies is automated (documentation, reporting, index calculation)
  • Access to a wide network of custodians and trading platform to facilitate the most optimal setup for the transaction (e.g. which custodian is best for AIF funds, which custodian provides trading API connectivity, margining requirements etc.)
  • Clients benefit from a fast time-to-market and small minimum asset-under-management requirements