A2CQCQ - Compartment 41


Produktname A2CQCQ - Compartment 41
Kommerzieller Name / Kategorie Absolute - Alpha Decorrelated Certificate (Hegde Fund Tracker) Fund Linked - Fonds active
Compartment Number 41
Ausgabedatum 26.10.2016
Rückzahlungsdatum 18.11.2049
Währung USD
Denomination 10.000
Interest Frequency
Issuance Price
Underlying Security Absolute - Alpha Decorrelated Index
Minimum Trading Amount 10.000
Principal Amount
Listing Freiverkehr Börse Düsseldorf


Type Date Note Value
Investor Exercise Investor has a recurring Exercise Right which must be announced to the Issuer in advance as specified in the Terms & Conditions
ABSOLUTE - ALPHA DECORRELATED CERTIFICATE  This Product is issued by Opus - Chartered Issuances S.A. which is an UNREGULATED Securitization Vehicle.

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