A3GN08 - Compartment 258


Produktname A3GN08 - Compartment 258
Kommerzieller Name / Kategorie Fiduciam CBIL Pass Through Notes 2025 Credit linked - Real Estate
Compartment Number 258
Ausgabedatum 12.02.2021
Rückzahlungsdatum 31.03.2025
Währung GBP
Denomination 100.000
Interest Frequency
Interest The interest amount per Bond will be an amount that the Calculation Agent determines in the Issue Currency as of the relevant Interest Valuation Date to be equal to the Funded Participation Interest in relation to all Funded Participations on the relevant Interest Valuation Date, less (i) any Administrative Costs not yet paid, (ii) any Reinvested Funded Participation Amounts (iii) any reasonable costs (including negative interest) properly incurred on payments under the Reference Assets in the period from their receipt by the Issuer until such Interest Valuation Date and such resulting figure divided by the number of Bonds outstanding as of the relevant Interest Valuation Date (the "Interest Amount"). "Interest Period" means from and including the Issue Date to but excluding the next Interest Payment Date, and, subsequently, from and including each Interest Payment Date to but including the next Interest Payment Date, in any case up to and excluding the Final Valuation Date. "Interest Valuation Date" means 20th March and 20th of September of each year until the Maturity Date (the first Interest Valuation Date shall be 20th of March 2022) . "Interest Payment Date" means 31st of March and 30th of September of each year until the Maturity Date (the first Interest Payment Date shall be 30th of March 2022).
Issuance Price 100,00
Hedging Instrument Underlying
Underlying Security Fiduciam CBIL Portfolio
Minimum Trading Amount 100.000
Principal Amount 50.000.000
Listing Applicable



Type Date Note Value
Interest Payment 30.03.2025 Variable
Interest Payment 30.09.2024 Variable
Interest Payment 30.03.2024 Variable
Interest Payment 30.09.2023 Variable
Interest Payment 30.03.2023 Variable
Interest Payment 30.09.2022 Variable
Interest Payment 20.03.2022 Variable
Redemption Payment 31.03.2025

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