A28RBT - Compartment 231


Produktname A28RBT - Compartment 231
Kommerzieller Name / Kategorie Swissport Recovery Basket Tracker Notes Delta 1 (liquid) - Bonds active
Compartment Number 231
Ausgabedatum 26.11.2020
Rückzahlungsdatum 26.11.2025
Währung EUR
Denomination 10.000
Interest Frequency
Issuance Price 10.000,00
Hedging Instrument Discretionary Hedging Strategy
Underlying Security Swissport Recovery Basket
Minimum Trading Amount 10
Principal Amount 50.000.000
Listing Not applicable



Type Date Note Value
Fixing Redemption Amount 20.10.2038 Floating
Redemption Payment 26.11.2025
Issuer Prolongation Right 20.11.2025 The Issuer has the right to extend the maturity of the Bonds by 3 years
Issuer Auto Call 20.10.2025 In case and following a prior investment into the Investment Component, the Reference Basket consists only of the Cash Component the Bonds will redeem on the Reference Basket Value 10 Business days following such a full investment into the Cash Compnent, subject to limited recourse.

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