A3GMDL - Compartment 245


Produktname A3GMDL - Compartment 245
Kommerzieller Name / Kategorie Kyoto Resort Holdings Convertible Bond Credit linked - Real Estate
Compartment Number 245
Ausgabedatum 13.11.2020
Rückzahlungsdatum 13.11.2023
Währung JPY
Denomination 100.000.000
Interest Frequency
Issuance Price 100,00
Hedging Instrument Zero Strike Call Option on Ordinary Shares of the Kyoto Resorts Holding Co., Ltd. with Planet Resources Group SG
Underlying Security Kyoto Resorts Holding Co., Ltd. Ordinary Shares
Minimum Trading Amount 100.000.000
Principal Amount
Listing Not applicable


Type Date Note Value
Issuer Auto Call 15.05.2023 In case the construction of the General Buildings of the Kyoto Resort by Planet Resources Group SG via Kyoto Residence Realty TMK (i) did not start until 3rd of May 2023 or (ii) Playnet Resources announces that there will be no construction the notes will redeem early at 100% of their Denomintation following 10 business days after the date of such announcement or 15th of May 2023, subject to limited recourse.
Issuer Prolongation Right 13.11.2023 The Issuer has the right to extend the maturity of the Bonds by 3 years

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