A28NZ4 - Compartment 210


Produktname A28NZ4 - Compartment 210
Kommerzieller Name / Kategorie Wasser Infrastruktur Anleihe V Delta 1 (illiquid) - Infrastructure
Compartment Number 210
Ausgabedatum 23.07.2020
Rückzahlungsdatum 23.07.2027
Währung EUR
Denomination 1.000
Interest Frequency Annually
Interest Variable, interest received from the Basket Components less the Annual Issuer Fee, Annual Distribution Fee and Asset Sourcing Agent Fee
Issuance Price 103,00
Hedging Instrument Underlying
Underlying Security North America Water Infrastructure Basket (R) V Referenzkorb
Minimum Trading Amount 5.000
Principal Amount 50.000.000
Listing Not Listed
Registration Document


Type Date Note Value
End of Initial Fixing Period 23.11.2020
Fixing Interest Amount 25.11.2026
Fixing Interest Amount 25.11.2025
Fixing Interest Amount 25.11.2024
Fixing Interest Amount 25.11.2023
Fixing Interest Amount 25.11.2022
Interest Payment 30.11.2026 Floating
Interest Payment 30.11.2025 Floating
Interest Payment 30.11.2024 Floating
Interest Payment 30.11.2023 Floating
Interest Payment 30.11.2022 Floating
Interest Payment 30.11.2021 Floating
Interest Payment 31.05.2027 Floating
Interest Payment 31.05.2026 Floating
Interest Payment 31.05.2025 Floating
Interest Payment 31.05.2024 Floating
Interest Payment 31.05.2023 Floating
Interest Payment 31.05.2022 Floating
Fixing Interest Amount 26.05.2027
Fixing Interest Amount 26.05.2026
Fixing Interest Amount 26.05.2025
Fixing Interest Amount 26.05.2024
Fixing Interest Amount 26.05.2023
Fixing Interest Amount 26.05.2022
Redemption Payment 23.06.2027 Floating
Fixing Redemption Amount 11.06.2027 Floating
Interest Payment 31.05.2021 Floating
Fixing Interest Amount 26.05.2021
Fixing Interest Amount 25.11.2021

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