A22LU0 - Compartment 185


Produktname A22LU0 - Compartment 185
Kommerzieller Name / Kategorie Project Runway tracker Bonds Fund Linked - Fonds active
Compartment Number 185
Ausgabedatum 13.11.2019
Rückzahlungsdatum 13.11.2029
Währung EUR
Denomination 1.000
Interest Frequency Annually
Interest Floating
Issuance Price 100,00
Underlying Security Class B Shares issued by the Western Europe Real Estate Compartment of Jermyn Street Real Estate S.A., SICAV-FIAR
Minimum Trading Amount 125.000
Principal Amount 10.000.000
Listing Freiverkehr Börse Düsseldorf


Type Date Note Value
Partial Redemption Payment 05.06.2020 Floating
Partial Redemption 13.11.2024 Floating
Partial Redemption 13.11.2023 Floating
Partial Redemption 13.11.2022 Floating
Partial Redemption 13.11.2021 Floating
Partial Redemption 13.11.2020 Floating
Fixing Interest Amount 13.11.2020 Floating
Interest Payment 13.11.2024 Floating
Interest Payment 13.11.2023 Floating
Interest Payment 13.11.2020 Floating
Interest Payment 12.11.2021 Floating
Interest Payment 13.11.2022 Floating
Fixing Interest Amount 13.11.2024 Floating
Fixing Interest Amount 13.11.2023 Floating
Fixing Interest Amount 13.11.2022 Floating
Fixing Interest Amount 13.11.2021 Floating
Redemption Payment 13.11.2029
Fixing Redemption Amount 13.11.2029

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